пятница, 2 июля 2010 г.

Last weekend was the best weekend ever) I had a great road trip to the small village where I'd spent every summer of my childhood) So me, my mom and our friends jammed into our old car and had hit the road)
We've had a lot of fun, visited a few old towns, their beautiful small churches, farmer markets (where we bought the best raspberry).
Yeah, an found our neighbor's goat in our garden))))) She's so cute and she has the softest ears ever))

Than, when I came back to the city, I've had a theater night with my friend - went to see the play, than spent a great evening in the pub (the actors from the play were sitting by the next table)))).
And then we've spend the night in my friend's home on the other bank of the river, because we had lots of fun and wanted it to continue (and to cheer her up - she's actually pretty sad these days 'cause her boyfriend went to South Africa for the whole month, to watch the World Cup).
Than, in the morning, their friends from the other city came to Kiev, so we've spent some time showing them around the city)) Great long weekend, yay!))

me and my friend Alexandra)) I know, we look like some crazy people))))

And Alexandra on her own. I like this picture))) But then some evil man told me to hide my camera, because it's against pub's rules. Such a pity, they have the greatest artistic interior((

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