пятница, 1 октября 2010 г.

I've finished reading a wonderful book today. It's called "A Timely Vision" and it's a detective story with a little bit of mystic flair. I'm very glad that my friend recomended it to me, I loved it. And after finishing the book I found out that it's gonna be a book series! So I'm pretty happy about it)

And some handmade cutesies I've made for the last few days. Now I guess I wouldn't be knitting or crocheting for a while (just have to finish few small things I've started for my friend), 'cause I've got a new translating project - and it's "Glee"! I'm pretty happy about it (not to mention the money for the translation))), but it will eat up a lot of my time.

Two beer bottle cozies, an apple cozy and a turquoise crocheted flower brooch, that was a gift for my friend's birthbay, along with this trivets. Grey thing under the brooch is actually my on-going crochet project - a cowl made of woolen yarn. And the flower that is not crocheted is my old brooch which I'd love to wear with this cowl (as soon as I finish it)))

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