четверг, 11 ноября 2010 г.

My beautiful city

Last Saturday my friends bought us tickets for the tour to see some beautiful and kinda unknown parts of our city. They wanted to cheer me up and they succeded. It was so beautiful - autumn, golden leaves, amazing pieces of architecture and places I've never seen before (and I am a known guide for all of my friends and their forein friends))).
It was a magical day and a magical walk around magical city (it's true - Kiev is well known for being a homeland to everything witchy and magical. There's a saying that every girl and woman in Kiev is a witch)).

I'm wearing almost the same stuff I wore in windmill post + traditional Ukrainian shawl, black with flowers on it (belonged to my great-grandma))).
This places are not the ones tourists often visits (I lived here almost all of my life and have never seen lot's of this places)), but they are amazing))

St. Michael's cathedral. Saint Michael is the father patron of Kiev.

Mosaic on the wall of one of the buildings))
Ceramic bells on a willow tree.

The cutest wooden statue of ballerina, in honor of an old ballerina, who lives near by)))
I hope you enjoyed the Kiev city tour as much as I did)) Natasha invited me to go on the other tour this Saturday, and I think I'm gonna go)))

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  1. Thank you for the tour, Marina! I enjoy seeing bloggers' cities, especially if they are cities one doesn't see as

    I especially like the local large art -- the child mosaic, the ceramic bells in the tree, the ballerina, and the horn-tooter on the cushions. Magical indeed. I'm glad you had some cheering time with your friends, on a fresh autumn day.