четверг, 9 декабря 2010 г.


For the past couple of days I've managed:
- to miss one class in radio school - I'm so ashamed of it, though I had a pretty good reason to do it.
- to meet my besties over some movies and beers - it was so-so-so nice, haven't seen them for a while.
- to finish the last part of the translation project I had - cheers to that, 'cause it drained me! Honestly, it's some kind of an illegal torture - to translate the movie about Europe's hottest beaches while it's raining non stop outside and it's gonna rain/snow/freeze for a few month. I was litterally dreaming about summer, green leaves on the trees, sundresses and walking on sand barefoot (I'm trying to forget about terrible heat that was the past summer))
- to work on a few scarfs - I need to finish my grey snood as soon as possible, because I've made a really cute pin for it)

I have a lot of plans for tomorrow - some of them are pretty amazing (some thrifting, shopping for books and some yummy green jasmine tea, cooking delicious pasta for dinner and watching SYTYCD-UA - Dmitry Chaplin's choreographing, yay!))), some are more of a nessesity (ironing, cleaning the appartment, going to the studio to arrange more freelance work).
So basically I've been a free girl just for two evenings - have to get back to translations on the weekend, it's the worst part of working freelance. You never have normal weekends.
But if I'm free today I thought I'm gonna post some of my rescent decoupage works. Pictures aren't really good, sorry.

Wooden angel, decoupaged with paper napkin and decarated with golden acrylic contour.

Bracelets) I love decoupaging them, it's quick and easy way of making unique jewelry. Oh, and my old coputer display - I rarely use the computer and mostly work from my laptop, so don't feel the need to change it. In the world of computer hardware it should concider vintage-almost-antique now))))
Cutting board and decorative bird house (I've painted the similar one as an order from one of the costumers, and decided to make one for myself).

That's the stuff my friends and I are making on our craft nights. We are painting, decoupaging, knitting and crocheting, making sushi, drinking wine and laughing. A lot))

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  1. Hi Marina, you are so talented! I love the decoupage bracelets, they are divine. The blue and purple one is especially beautiful. Are you knitting scarves as well?

  2. Thank you so much)) I'm happy that you loved it. The purple bracelet is actually my favorite) I've seen a similar one in the magazine, and a few days after had this paper napkin from my friend, with pattern that is almost identical to the pattern on the other bracetet)
    Yes, I knit and crochet scarves, hats and gloves, you can check them out in these posts -
    - http://tri-skelos.blogspot.com/2010/11/ready-for-winter.html#comments
    - http://tri-skelos.blogspot.com/2010/10/ive-finished-reading-wonderful-book.html#comments