воскресенье, 5 декабря 2010 г.

Let's talk about buttons

I've been a little down lately - it's been 40 days since my dad died on Friday, and we have a tradition to gather on 9th and 40th day after person's death, and then after a year. And it was really hard for me - I didn't feel like seeing everyone.
So after everything I knew I have to switch to something nice and positive. And what can be nicer than some buttons?))) I came through one of the jars of vintage buttons me and my mom inharited from my Granny and took some pictures. I've loved this cute things since I was a little girl, and nothing changed till now. I even like them more, because they are from 50s,60s,70s and they don;t make them like this anymore. I sometimes use some of them to spice up my handmade flower brooches)))

This three are really smooth and nice to touch.

I think picture doesn't show the beauty of this group (bunch?)) of buttons - the white one has something like a chess board on it, two red and one blue+ornament are covered with fabric, two black-and-gold are really delicate) And the golen one - it's a button from a military uniform, don't know whose though (my grandpa's, my grandma's, my dad's?)

Those are glowing from inside, so beautiful...

These buttons have the amazing red color, I would like to have a dress in this color someday.

Wooden buttons.
Beautiful carved yellow ones.
These reminds me of toffees a little)

These three are huge. I'm putting them on a grey coat as soon as find the right coat ))
These are big too, and if the very deep chocolate color.
Oh, and I lote these two - they consistof two parts and would be perfect for some kind of a white jacket or coat.

So, does anyone share the same love for buttons? Can you show me your favorite ones?

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  1. I love these buttons! A friend of mine showed me a wallet she just made which features a beautiful button she has from a sweater of her mother's. The buttons you've featured here are gorgeous.

  2. jill815, thank you so much! Was that wallet knitted or sewn?
    My friend from Odessa rescently came to visit me, and while we were walking down out artist district she was looking for some polymere clay. I asked here, why does she need it, and she told me that she has a really cute tapestry handbag with a huge button on it, but she lost the button a few days before. So we've bought some polymere clay (me too))) and she made a really nice button of it. I think I need to try to make some myself)