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Monday fashion inspirations - Mori girls

It's not Monday yet, but it will be by the time I'll get home) And next week is going to be really busy for me, so I'm not sure if I'll have time to blog. So I'm posting it now and stepping out the door to see my friends for a nice dinner and movie) Have a great evening, everyone (or a great day, it depend's on your time-zone))

I really like the mori girls style. In translation from Japanese it means "girl from the forest". It's an amazing street style trend, the mixture of ethnic, folk, lolita-style and others.

Mori girls like ethnic dresses, layers, lace, knitwear, floral prints, plaid and polka dots, silver jewelry, pocket watches, fabric covered buttons, flower pins and fairy-tales.

This girls are layering like crazy - vintage dresses, oversized knitwear cardigans, shawls and scarfs, pocket watches and keys pendants, faux fur earmuffs, stockings and fingerless gloves, etc.

This style was born on the streets of Japan cities, was called "mori girl style" by fashion magazines and took over the world in no time. I love it to pieces - it's cute, creative, poetic and mysterious, very feminine and really shows person's ability not just to wear nice clothes, but to create amazing outfits, which are telling the stories.

All the pictures were found here and here

I can't call myself a full-time mori girl, but I always find a lot of ideas and inspiration in this outfits, as well as in steampunk subculture. Would I wear Victorian dresses and goggles or lace dresses and huge cardigans every time I go to buy a carton of milk - of course not. Do I enjoy incorporating some floral dresses, huge scarfs, watch-pendants, fingerless gloves and earmuffs in my outfits occasionally - you bet I do!)))))

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  2. ths post is so pretty! I love these pictures:) You have an amazing blog! Im so hapy i ran into it! It's a great read! Your posts are great and i toally like your style:)
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  3. Japanese are so trend obsessed! This one for my own surprise I like! Beautiful!

  4. sacramento, thank you so much for stepping by my blog)) I'm reading yours for a few month now and I'm loving it!)

    Fashion Fabrice, thak you for your kind words and thanks for following my blog) I'm so happy you like it. I'll definitely visit your blog as soon as I get a few minutes of free time) You're a sweetheart)

    Ginta. oh yeah) I love Japanese street styles, but mostly from the dictance) But this one really grew on me - it's so unique and creative, amazing)))
    BTW, I really like your blog and your outfits. Even tried this thing with a tie as a belt thing - never wanted to wear it like this before, but your outfit really inspired me)

  5. This is very informative and helpful! Thank you for taking the time to research and share it!


  6. I love reading Japanese mags for layering and style inspiration!

  7. What a great post! And we love the literal translation!

    Your Friends,

  8. i've never heard of this style before so i'm glad i found this post. i really like this aesthetic and i think it's a great style that translate well between casual and slightly more formal. it's beautiful!

  9. It's a pleasure seeing both our posts featured in the IFB Links a la Mode for this week! Pleased to meet you, I'm Leah of Circle City Style. I've become interested in dolly kei lately, which seems to incorporate elements from both the mori trend you've featured here, and the lolita trend of dressing that's been around in Japan for quite some time now. Happy to see that mori is getting seen all over. It's a fascinating and beautiful style-tribe.

  10. Fascinating! I hadn't heard of mori girls before, but I surely like their look. Their outfits are youthful and very feminine, but they seem more thoughtful, modest, richly textured, and cozy than the Lolita style.

    I'll definitely keep my eyes open for more mori girls in the future, and I'll be glad to have a name for their style.

    Hmm...I'm reminded of a favorite outfit captured by the Sartorialist here:
    Girl in Omotesando, Tokyo

    Would she be considered a mori girl, I wonder?

  11. What a beautiful, ethereal look. It's so dreamy and romantic, thank you for posting all those photos, they're great.

  12. Hmm...what a strange mix of ethereal, and turn of the century styles. I've never heard of this style before, so thank you for the photos.

  13. love these pics!! so cute <3

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  14. I love the organic feel of the Mori look. Is that just from the pictures you have selected or is that a signature of the style?

    I am following your blog now!
    Come check out my street style blog

  15. Such a romantic style. I'm going to Japan in April so I can't wait to see more of it!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  16. wow! I've seen looks inspired by mori girls before, and never realized where the inspiration came from! There is such a cozy romantic quality to their outfits. Great post- I'm feeling mori girl- inspired now.

  17. this post is really cool, love to read it :D love your blog..

    happy new year

  18. oh gosh, i am quite smitten with mori girl style. especially when it involves teddy bear accessories.