понедельник, 6 декабря 2010 г.

Oufit post

I haven't posted any looks for a long time - it's cold outside, and not enough light, and I have a lot of work+radio school stuff, abd, on top of it all, I'm lazy in winter))
But there're a few looks and picturas from handmade fair I attended in the middle of October. I was there with my friends who have a little bussiness of their own - they are producing kits for cross-stitching. So we've worked together - they were selling theis kits, I was selling earings made by my mom and jewelry, painted bottles and crocheted things made by myself))

First day of the excibition - look at this awesome kits! I love every single one of them, and seriously considering whether I should cross-stitch again.

Feather earing, made by my mommy)

Me) I'm wearing:
- Zara jeans
- MNG striped long sleeved top
- Ostin cardigan
- Suede jacket (as I wrote before, I don't buy any leather, but that was a gift from my mom)
- watch and keys pendant you could saw before, in a different outfit post.

Some of the stuff I was selling - hand-painted bottles and jars, handmade cinnamon scented candles, crocheted trivets, apple-cozies, headbands, and my mom's earings she made especially for the excibition.

On this picture you can also see a piece of bunny cross-stitching pattern - we were giving them for free, as our contact cards)

Send day ogf the excibition - I'm crocheting, Tanya is counting something). Not the best pictures, but the only ones I have.

And day three (also day four, because on this day Sasha's sister and her husband asked us to go out for a barbecu in the evening, so I stayed at Sasha's home for the night, but that's a totally different story about a really cold evening I've spend on the river bank on October 15 in my best friend's clothes, which I'm gonna tell one day))).
I'm wearing:
Oggi dress and coat
Ostin cardigan
Indian scarf, a gift from Goa
Skechers boots
Marilyn lace tights.

Well, that's it. I need the weather to become a bit warmer ASAP, so I can take Ira out for some good pictures))

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  1. Hi Marina! What great pictures, I also love the feather earring your mother made. I just posted the wallet my friend made with the vintage button. Stop by if you get a chance!

  2. hi sweetie! I love the feather and the stripes :) I know what you mean about the light and OOTDs, the winter in Norway is not very condusive with blogging lol

    <3 Anika
    Twitter: @AnikaSweetface

  3. jill815, thank you) I love the feathers))

    Anika, oh, I can only imagine the Norvegian winter))) We have the climate which is milder and warmer, and I'm still freezing every winter))