среда, 1 декабря 2010 г.

Pirate boots by Vivienne Westwood

I fell in love with this boots a long time ago. They look comfy and stylish, and I like the fact that they look amazing with jeans and denim skirts, and shorts of almost any kind, and beautiful dresses, and pretty much everything else)
I'm hunting (I really am, there's no better word for what I'm doing))) them on e-bay, but no luck so far. And it's not even the matter of price - I've found some pretty good deals on them, and they would've been a nice motivation for taking a new translation project (and even work once in a while))). But none of the sellers is shipping to Ukraine, my sweet beautiful country, the biggest in Europe. And that's a huge problem.
I'm still hunting though - I'm optimistic, so I hope they'll get a little cheaper when I find my perfect pair (I know that they'd probably become some kind a collectors item and will cost a fortune, but girl can hope))

Sienna Miller looks great in pirate boots and a sundress)

And my beautiful girl Katie McGrath on the proto for Sunday Express. Famous Merlin-boots are in fact this pirate boots by Vivienne Westwood, so Colin and Katie are rocking them - Colin on screen as Merlin the cute wizard, Katie - off screen, combined with black skinny jeans, tweed jacket and the scarf her mum knitted for her)))
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  1. I love Vivienne Westwood too. I'm a recent convert, but the more I see, the more I like!

  2. Vivienne is amazing! I especially like her shoes and bags))