суббота, 29 января 2011 г.

brown and cozy

Dress - Oggi
Cardigan - thrifted (for half a dollar)
Belt - thrifted
Boots - no brand

Yesterday one of my best friends Mila'd became a PhD. I was in the auditorium when she was defending her thesis and really liked it. I've never been much of a sience person - I like to study, I like to reseach, but no, I couldn't write a thesis even if my life depend on it. I do have a serious dislike of all the execution's limitations. Even my master's diploma was a torture for me. That's why I love to paint and don't have a PhD.
That's what I wore for the occasion. I love this outfit - it's warm and comfy, and also makes this dress appropriate for wearing casually (it's way to open to wear it without cardigan on such occasions). Pictures are a little awkward - I was very tired and had a terrible headache. But the day was great.
Congratulations, Mila!

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