вторник, 11 января 2011 г.

Dancing with hands

My day was almost disasterous:
- my neighborhood suffered two major blackouts, and my building lost power both times (I've lost a lot of time and a big piece of translation which was due today);
- that's why I had to miss tonight's class at radio school (second time so far, and I hope it's gonna be the last) - I had to finish the translation and sent it to the studio and I was kinda scared to stuck in the powerless elevator (if the powers dissapears again);
- later I've been helping my mom with putting together the exercise machine she's bought for herself as a christmas present and it turned out that she'd bought the wrong one;
- because of the power thing and my work I had no time to do stuff I was planning for today, so it makes plans for tomorrow pretty much insane.

But I'm an optimist, that's why I going to do some yoga, finish reading "The Ebony Tower" by J.Fowles and then go to bed in a nice relaxed mood)))
And here's the video that made my day so much better - Suzanne Cleary and Peter Harding, beautiful Irish dancers and the stars of Riverdance, are dancing with hands))
By the way, Suzanne is a doll. I love her dress + lipstick + her hair, beautiful.

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  1. OMG I love that little video!! I shall be reblogging it very soon as it's brilliant!
    Sorry to hear about all your black outs hopefully the power will resume its usual constancy soon!

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  2. daisymay,of course)) This beauty has to be reblogged as often as possible)))
    Thank you so much) And thanks for following - I love your blog and 've been reading it for a while now))