пятница, 14 января 2011 г.

Missing spring

I haven't written about mine Christmas (I've already said that we celebrate Christmas on January 7))) this year because I had no time (and because I'm still waiting for my photos))). But I there's one more winter holiday we celebrate - January 13. It's the acient Ukrainian holiday of Malanka and also a so called Old New Year (both this holidays are celebrating on January 13 because of the calendar change).
So yesterdy I was invited to the celebration and it was amazing - we've spent almost all night laughing, dancing, playing games and all that stuff. It was great!
But today, as I walked into my apartment and saw the decorated tree, I felt that that's it. The last winter holiday is over, can I have my spring now, please?))
But well, it's not even the middle of the winter yet (one more day, ha)), so I just have to pe optimistic, drink my favorite green tea and look at my favorite spring pictures))) That's what I'm doing noe, actually)

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  1. Happy Old New Year! Love your photos, where's the beach? xxx

  2. Vintage Vixen, thank you so much)))
    The beach is in Odessa, Ukraine, on the Black sea coast. I love this place - it's a really beautiful charming city and it has amazing beaches. You can check out some of Odessa pics in this post - http://tri-skelos.blogspot.com/2010/09/sometimes-i-really-miss-my-job.html .