вторник, 4 января 2011 г.

Pride and Prejudice

My friends came to visit us, so I'm having a busy-busy-busy, but also a very pleasing week. I love the time of year, right after the New Years Eve, when they all came to visit - we are talking, laughing in public places, holding each others hands, drinking delicious vine and baking delicious mozzarella pies, visiting awesome places and watching a lot of cool movies and TV-shows. Last year we've dedicated some of our precious time together to the pilot episode of Being Human (British original pilot is an amazing piece of writing, shooting and acting. I'm still heartbrocken about Mitchell's recasting), few episodes of Doctor Who (to introduce my friend Sabine to the magical personality of one Donna Noble)) and a lot of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (we're watching it's episodes every year - it's an unbelievably beautiful show).
This year we have a lot of plans to watch new BBC's series Sherlock (if you haven't seen it, I strongly recommend - it's a very smart modern version of Sherlock Holmes's adventures in London of 2010) and a few episodes of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip again, but today, after the whole day of walking/talking/sightseeing, we were more than happy to remember our all time favorite - Pride and Prejudice (1995).

I can't say that I'm a big Austen's fan, but, like any other girl, I like to watch or read something nice and romantic. And this is definitely it.

And these two! What an amazing story!

I hope that everyone have as much fun these days as I do))) And now I have to go to sleep, because I'm awake since 6-30 in the morning, and now it's 1-08 a.m.)))

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  1. Have you seen The King's Speech yet? I hope to go this weekend. It sounds like this might be Colin's year for an Oscar! I just saw Love, Actually for the second time over the holidays and was reminded how foxy he is.

  2. jill815, I haven't(( But I've seen A Single Man for 4 times)) He's amazing, Matthew Goode is amazing, Nicholas Holt is amazing. I'm a huge fan)