среда, 5 января 2011 г.

Red lipstick and the "Central Perk"

There's a awesome new coffee-shop in Kyiv! The fans of "FRIENDS" have opened the Friends-themed cafe and it's an amazing place to spend a nice winter evening. It's really cosy and cute, has it's unique atmosphere and you can enjoy delicious sandwiches and coffee for a very reasonable price.
The funniest part - neither me nor any of my friends from Kyiv knew about it, until Dasha (who's actually Russian and lives in Moskow) came to visit and told us about it))

Yes, I'm wearing parka. And jeans. It's cold, and I use subway and buses, so parka is the best winter wear, known to men. I do regret jeans though.
Dasha's made me try on red lipstic and I kinda like the way I look (it's the first time - I always thought that I look ridiculous in such bright colors). And I love the combination of lipstic with my polka doted top (from Laura di Sarpi). But this jeans... ugh. I think I'm gonna make some sacrifises soon, jeans have to go.

Of course, we've played table football)))
BTW, Sabine's headband and Mila's crocheted earings are made by me)

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  1. Hello, beautiful! Thanks for reading and commenting. I hope whatever is worrying you works out well in the end.
    I'm your newest follower. xxx

  2. I am sooooooooooooo glad to have inspired you.
    You want us to become followes????
    Un abrazo.

  3. Vintage Vixen, thank you so much for stopping by. I'm really happy that we are mutual followers noe. I adore your blog.

    sacramento, I'm your follower and I really love your blog) If you like mine than I'll be really glad if you'd like to read it))

    daisymay, I loved this place) I think it's gonna be one of our favorite coffee places from noe on))

  4. Thank you for telling me, I cannot find everybody.
    Thank you, thank you.
    I am following you now.

  5. your lipstick is gorgeous, red is my favorite shade of lipstick!


  6. You look chic and feminine in red lipstick - not ridiculous at all! It's a pretty contrast with your smooth skin, warm eyes, and dark hair. And I very much like your idea of belting the parka.

  7. sacramento, I'm really happy that we can comunicate better now)))

    Ditchette, thank you)) I got given this excact shade of lipstick yesterday, so it's going to make a come back)))

    Cloud of Secrets, thank you so much!) I'm so happy that I can wear red lipstick now, I always wanted to find the right shade))
    As for parka - yeah, I have to do this in order to feel that I actually have a waist)

  8. LOVE the red lipstick. It's funny because I am doing my first personal look giveaway with red Chanel lipstick and nail polish as the prize for the best photo.

    You should totally enter!!!