понедельник, 21 февраля 2011 г.

Monday fashion inspiration

Haven't posted for a while, and I really want to start posting regularly again)))

So, no brands, no pictures of clothing or pictures at all today. Mostly because for the last couple of weeks my biggest fashion inspiration is my work.
You see, I've been working freelance for a while. And before that I was working in a concert agency which turned me into a tomboy again - I had to run around the city every day, so I had no desire to dress up or to wear heels whatsoever (only for parties and concerts). And before that I was working freelance too. So I haven't been working full time for a while. I've started this blog mostly to turn myself into a girl again - I was so embarrassed when I've understood that I was wearing three sport sweaters and two pair of jeans for the whole winter while working in concert agency.
So it worked. because deep down I love to dress up, I really do. But now I have to dress for work every morning and sometimes I slip and run out of ideas.
You know how it goes? Sometimes you wake up, you see that that's so cold outside, and it's snowing, and it's -10 C, and you just give up. You put on a dependable pair of jeans, warm sweater and you just not willing to make an efford.
Yeah, I do that sometimes. But then I come to work, I go to talk to our copywriters, or someone in the art department and they alll look so good! It always get me thinking: "Well, we're actually walking the same streets each morning! None of us are driving to work because it's a big city and rush hours are brutal. They are living on the different sides of the city and I'm living nearby, just two subway stations away. How come I look like a sloppy university student and they look like the gorgeous women they are?".
And all of these girls, with their cute knitwear dresses, and nice tights and high heeled boots are the best inspiration ever. I can slip occasionally, but the next day I always make an efford and dress up. I'mnot willing to freeze, so looking good in February requires some thought and smart layering, but it really pays off - in self confidence and good mood mostly))

And what inspires you on a daily basis? Especially in winter?

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