суббота, 12 февраля 2011 г.

Who is Mimi?

I'm back to working full time just 4 days ago, and I'm already puzzled by my new work place.
Well, we usually celebrate Women Day on March 8, and something like Men Day (though it's more like a Military Men Day, but no one cares)) on February 23.
And in advertising company I work for there's a tradition - some kind of a costume party on this days, and not just after work, but during the whole work day. A great idea, yes. But...
Last year on February 23 all the women were dressed as flight attendants (why wasn't I working here last year?!)). But this year the theme is... well, we're all going to be show girl from Pirates of the Carribean/Wild Wild West era))))

So on February 23 I have to wear corset, skirt and fishnet tights or stockings))) and all the guys are gonna get sailor shirts as soon as they are gonna come into office that morning.

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I find that this idea is great, though I've never worked with such young and creative group of people, so it's a little odd for me. I worked in a very conservative office environment for 4 years and two years in the concert management company (which wasn't conservative at all), but I've never experienced anything like this.
I like to dress up (and I've already ordered myself a corset and talked Sasha into sewing me a skirt), but to have a costume party in the office for the WHOLE day - it's gonna be a totally new experience.
Can I be some kind of Lily or Mimi? I'd love too (but office - still weird)).
Does any one had such an experience on their places of work?

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  1. Oh, my. I don't know if most US workplaces - at least, US office environments -- would succeed in encouraging women employees to dress up in corsets and fishnets for a costume day!

    Many workplaces do permit and even encourage costume days, especially around Hallowe'en, but the costumes are typically supposed to be pretty modest.

  2. Sarah, it's not just US. We don't have costume days at all, and concervative offices are very strict about dress code and all that stuff.
    I've specified that it's an advertising company because it's not a classical office environment. It's basically just called office because there's computers there - we don't have any dress code and as far as I know I can come to work in fishnets whenever I want (as long as I don't have any meetings with clients). Basically, no one cares, because everyone agrees that you better let creative people do their own thing.
    But it's so strange to me - I've always worked in conservative environments where we were barely allowed to have a casual Friday. So now all of this crazyness is so weird and unusuall for me.
    And I don't think I've ever wore a corset in my life)