понедельник, 4 апреля 2011 г.

Modern Warfare

On Friday our agency went on a corporate retreat - to the old ghost town (well, it's more of an old deserted camping place, but it does look like a ghost town, doesn't it?)) to play paintball and to have a nice picnik outside the city. Yeah, we do party a lot. But we work a lot too))

I'm out))
I'm in again)

I'm always telling everyone how pacifistic I am, but I also like to shoot . When I was a young girl my dad, my cousin and I were spending hour shooting cans and bottles. So yeah, I can shoot and I like to shoot and I honestly believe that it is an art of some sort.
I had a great time. I'd really like to go there with my close friends in a few weeks, because the experience is amazing - you have to use your mind and you have to be calm, and you have to plan your every step.

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