понедельник, 11 апреля 2011 г.

outfit post - back in black

Polka dotted dress - Etam (thrifted)
Jacket - Zoe (thrifted)
Boots - hand-me-downs from my ex-boss Angela (they were brand new, she put them on one time)
Necklace - a gift from my favorite magazine (they gave it to me for being a loyal subscriber)
Eiffel tower earrings - made by me, from my shop Antares Flower Buttons

My inner goth is out)) I'm back to black hair again, and, I guess, that's why I'm in black almost from head to toe (sorry for the quality of the pictures - my co-worker had troubles with my camera))
I've had the most amazing weekend, which consisted of Finnish sauna, mojito, great time with my friends and thrifting for a few hours on Sunday. So I have to catch up on my freelance work today and finish writing this week's Monday Fashion Inspiration.
Have a nice day, sweethearts)

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