четверг, 14 апреля 2011 г.

Westwood love

Two pairs of Vivienne Westwood's boots I'd really-really (really-really-really) like to have.

I've wrote about her pirate boots before, but I need to write about my love for them once again. They are amazing! I love the color on Katie's boots, but I'd love to have them in chocolate brown)

Also check out my Katie McGrath style blog)

And gorgeous bondage boots - I doubt that I can pull them off on a daily basis, but they are great for going out. Love-love-love them.
So I'm hoping that my friend Luda would get into the doctoral program in London)) Because if she would I'll be able to buy it on e-bay on her adress, so yay, no need to pay for long distance shipping)))

3 комментария:

  1. I love boots all the year round!!
    Thank you for being there, marina.

  2. sacramento, yes, me too - boots are my favorite footwear)

    Daisy Mae, I knew you'd understand))) Her shoes are always amazing.