понедельник, 2 мая 2011 г.

Agro fitness

It's huge weekend in Ukraine - four days in a row. It's like we hit time without Mondays - three weeks of long weekends.
On Saturday me and my cousin decided to take advantage of it and hit the road. We went to our great grandma's house - to the village 40 minutes outside the city. There's a lot of work there - we're thinking about building a new house there. My cousin has a son and he wants his son to have the same great summers in the country that we've both had. There's a lot of questions about ownership and stuff that we've yet to decide, but it's been a real blessing to spend a day in country.
And to do some agro fitness)) We had to deal with and old apple tree and then to clean the old hayloft - you wouldn't believe how dusty and gross it was. We wasn't even able to finish it in one day. Well, I'm looking forward to lot's of weekends in the country)
Here are few pictures of me, my nephew, cute animals (our neighbours') and a small video of my cousin's wife, her son and a few goats)

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  1. Hi Marina, what a great post. I think agro fitness is a great way to keep in shape. I read an article in Vogue a few months back about a woman who did just that, and stopped going to the gym altogether and is now married to the farmer that got her started on all her agro fitness. She looked incredibly fit (and happy).

    I love the picture of you with the adorable baby goat!