среда, 22 июня 2011 г.

The day of...

... clothes) I've had the best shopping luck today - not everyday you can add 5 pieces of clothing to your wardrobe for reasonable money. First of all - I swinged by my favorite thrift shop before work and managed to get my hands on two items I was thinking about for the whole week. I honestly just got lucky - today is the day when price for all the items in the store are decreasing to 50%. So I've got one really pretty grey dress and pink polka dotted sweater for half the price!
Then when I came home from work I've found a parcel in my mail box! It was some clothes I've ordered a few weeks ago - two tops (well, basically three, cause the first one consists of two) and this cute grey clutch I really like.
I'm so happy) I love new clothes and I love receiving mail. And I love thrifting. So yeah, now I can work on my freelance projects with more passion)

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