понедельник, 20 июня 2011 г.

Monday fashion inspiration - Gok Wan's "How to Dress"

I've wrote about my respect and admiration for Gok and his work before (here), and I have a chance to write about him again)
Last weekend my friend and I went on a hunt to one of the largest thrifting markets in the city. I wasn't in a mood for clothes (have no idea why - I've only bought one top and that was it), but books... Yeah, I'm always in the mood for books)))

And one of my best finds that day was this pretty thing) I would never bought it new (lets face it - delivery's gonna be more expencive than the book itself, and it's already costs almost 20 pounds), but used - hell yeah.
I've read it this weekend, between sunbathing on the nearest lake, going to movies to see "X-men: First Class", visiting my Granny, working on translation and shoping for fresh fruits and berries on my local market. And I've really enjoyed this book.
It's not the best style guide that everyone should read. But it's definitelly fun and enjoyable. And Gok's got great ideas on the layering.
so that's what inspires me this week)

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