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Ethnic festival Art-Pole (Unizh, 2011) - day 1 + an outfit

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Finally a spare minute to post pictures from festival's first day. We've been there for only 3 days (most of the people spent whole 6 days), but it still was amazing. Great place, beautiful nature, nice people, good music. It took place in Carpathian mountains, in western part of Ukraine, on Dniester river, near cute little village called Unizh.

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Fields of wheat.

IMG_3243 (563x422)

One of the old bridges over Dniester.

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IMG_3246 (563x422)

IMG_2995 (563x422)

The river flow is extremely fast - we loved to go far from our camp, and swim down the river - the flow is carrying you so gently)

IMG_3005 (563x422)

Our backpacks))

IMG_3009 (563x422)

The picture of parts of our group, made by Sasha. I'm the one with the sling bag amd lots of freckles)

IMG_3256 (563x422)

Mushrooms in the forrest.

IMG_3260 (563x422)

IMG_3263 (563x422)>

IMG_3284 (563x422)>

Trees and sunlight in green leaves reminded me about beautiful movie The Book of Kells. I've spent a lot of time lying on a blanket, watching sun shine through these beautiful fresh leaves. That's why I was so useless in helping with cooking dinner, sorry guys))

IMG_3293 (563x422)

A cute coffee-shop)) This guys made this tent look awesome (and they made pretty descent coffee)

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Tiny oak, planted by festival visitors. One of the main purposes of this festival is eco-friendly living, so everyone ghad a chance to plant an oak, an apple tree or a pine.

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IMG_3018 (563x422)

Inside the tent)

IMG_3021 (563x422)

IMG_3301 (563x422)>

Me, Maksim and Sasha

IMG_3304 (563x422)

Beautiful ceramic plates made by guys from crimea. My friend Natasha is a huge fan of fish prints and paintings, so she was so hearbrocken - this huge plate was rather pricy.

IMG_3305 (563x422)

The festival was located in a perfect place - on the territory of an old abandoned farm, remade to host open-air shows, so all the visitors had a lot of place for creativity - they were making beautiful grafities on old walls, on barns and ebven on ground. I'll post some pictures later)

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Our favorite bar-restaurant) Very simple and relaxed - I loved sitting on this wooden beds and enjoy the beautiful view. Amd drinkin those mojitos with the twist)

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IMG_3031 (563x422)

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Sasha and I (I'm wearing denim cut-off shorts, t-shirt Art-Pole-2010 and heart earrings, which I made myself)

IMG_3371 (563x422)

Folk-rock band 'Haidamaky'

IMG_3370 (563x422)

And me))
For the concert I decided to put on denim shorts, vintage blouse with embroidery (belonged to my aunt in 1980th), plaid shirt from Topshop, owl pendant I made myself, angel earring, made by my mom and a cute straw fedora I've bought at department store in Kyiv.

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