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{outfit post - orange story}

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Ever since I've bought this dress I've been obsessing to style it like this, with some flare jeans, wedges and a bit of 70-th vibe. I blame Rachel Zoe))

P.S. - I'm gonna be a bit MIA this week - two of my best friends are coming to visit, from Lithuania and Russia)) I get to see the once a year, for like a week, so I just can't wait. I'm actually suppose to go meet them at the station in about an hour <3 Have a great week, everybody :)

З того самого часу, як я купила цю сукню, я весь час мріяла вдягнути її ось так, з джинсами-кльош, платформами та надати йому присмаку 70-х. Я звинувачую в цьому Рейчел Зое)
P.S. - Цього тижня я ненадовго зник - до мене у гості приїжджають дві мої хороші подруги, з Литви та з Росії. Я бачу їх лише раз на рід, протягом тижня, тому просто ен можу дочекатися. власне. я десь за годину маю зустрічати їх на вокзалі. <3 Хорошого всім тижня)
Dress - Zara
Jeans, bag and belt - Thrifted
Wedges - Sketchers
Hat - unknown brand, bought in department store
Amber neclace and earrings - vintage (my paternal grandma gave it to me with a bunch of other amazing jewelry a few years ago)
Owl ring - Seppala, a gift from my mom
Bracelets - Topshop, gifts from Thailand and Germany

Pictures (c) by Anna Lazorko

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  1. There is a real 1970s vibe with that outfit, wright down to the creases in your jeans. Love it!
    Have the best time with your friends and take lots of pictures. x

  2. definitely a boho vibe with the flared jeans and tunic top. love the orange color!

    cute & little

  3. Love the black straw summer hat you're rocking here. Absolutely adorable. - Katy

  4. You look ADORABLE! I love the belt relaxed like that and those jeans look incredible on you. SO cute!!!

    I hope you have a fantastic time visiting with your friends!

  5. oo I love this! So laid back and really put together at the same time. Love the flares!

  6. Love your orange dress, and adore your belt.
    Lovely photos, Marina.