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My trip to Moscow - July 2012

As I already wrote before, this summer I've had a great oppotunity to see the Queen and Adam Lamberth concert not once, but twice - in Kyiv (for free, woohoo))) and in Moscow (I had to pay to see this one, but that was amazing)).
So on 1st of July I went to Moscow to spend some time with my friend and to see the concert for the second time.

IMG_4266 (563x422)
My friend and I on Arbat street on my last day in Moscow - I just love this picture)
IMG_4124 (563x422)
Domodedovo airport. I've missed the Aeroexpress to the city and had to spend 30 minutes on the platform admiring the lack of a view)))
IMG_4126 (563x422)
Pancackes with maple syrup and lattes for breakfast
IMG_4127 (562x750)
The place called Beverly Hills diner - styled as 60th American diner. The plates there were huge, but it was the nearest place to have breakfast for us))
IMG_4128 (562x750)

IMG_4129 (562x750)

IMG_4130 (563x422)
As I said on numerous occasions, I don't like Moscow. For every person who grew up around more elegant and interesting European architecture, Moscow seems a bit weird and ecclectic (bad ecclectic, not good ecclectic). I'm still struggling to find beauty in it, but when I do, I try and take a picture)

IMG_4140 (563x422)

IMG_4144 (563x422)

IMG_4146 (563x382)

IMG_4147 (552x750)

IMG_4154 (563x422)

IMG_4157 (563x422)
Me and my bad posture)) I swear I don;t usually look like this)
IMG_4160 (563x422)

My gorgeous friends at the outdoor excibition of Terry Gilliam pictures
IMG_4168 (563x422)

IMG_4170 (562x750)

IMG_4171 (563x422)

IMG_4172 (563x422)

IMG_4205 (563x422)
Breakfast again)
IMG_4206 (563x422)
That's what my friends had - a waffle sandwich with cheese, two sausages, bacon and two fried eggs in it. Even if I wasn't a pescetarian, I wouldn't survive this for breakfast)))
IMG_4206 (563x422)

IMG_4207 (563x422)
And mine brakfast - a cream cheese bagle)
IMG_4210 (563x422)

IMG_4217 (563x422)

IMG_4218 (563x422)

IMG_4221 (562x750)

IMG_4222 (563x422)

IMG_4228 (563x422)

IMG_4231 (563x422)
Having cocoa and some cookies at the Moomin cafe. I love Moomins, they always make me happy, and I don't care about being 27))
IMG_4235 (562x750)

IMG_4236 (563x422)
Quotations from the books)
IMG_4237 (563x422)

IMG_4238 (562x750)

IMG_4239 (562x750)

IMG_4241 (563x422)

IMG_4247 (563x422)
Hello again, Adam))
IMG_4253 (563x422)
The picture has the worst quality ever, but I really wanted the picture with this cute ducks) and my friend, with whom I shared the room for 2 days, had already left for Saint Petersburg.
IMG_4261 (563x422)
Waiting for my friend at the diner - coffee, a waffle with ice cream and "Jigs and Reels: The Stories" by Joanne Harris.
IMG_4262 (563x422)
Blue trolleybus - the dedication to a very famous poet and songwriter Bulat Okudzhava.
IMG_4266 (563x422)

IMG_4270 (563x422)
After saying goodbye to everyone and spendint 3 hours at the airport (I was drinking tea and reading in some weird pub) I'm finally going home.
IMG_4271 (563x422)
I can't get on the plane without a box of hardcandy and a book))
So that's how my trip to Moscow ended. But the very next day I was on the bus to Lutsk, a beautiful city in Western Ukraine. I'm gonna dedicate the next post to this trip)

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  1. Wonderful post marina, you look so pretty!!!

  2. I really like hearing your take on Moscow, I would love to see it for myself some day. In the meantime thank you for the pictures! Also, thank you for joining Adrienne and me for our Burgundy/Bordeaux post. We always love having you! XO, Jill