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Chiang Mai University

During my time in Asia I've been to many temples, but the funniest thing is that I've never felt so much peace and inspiration in any of them, as I felt on the campus of Chiang Mai University. 
It's a beautiful place - lots of trees, lots of flowers, lots of places to sit down and study or just relax with a cup of coffee and a good book. Also it's very close to the beautiful Doi Sutep mountain. 
I've had a nice relaxed day there and looking forward to spending some more.

1 (563x142)
In front of the bookstore
Lovely small buses that can take you anywhere on the campus for free
The driver
IMG_5542 (563x422)
Language Institute - I have a few friends who study there
IMG_5547 (563x422)
A place to relax on the breaks
IMG_5561 (563x422)
By the physics building
IMG_5564 (563x422)
IMG_5577 (563x750)

The most boring outfit ever:

Shorts - thrifed
T-shirt - DIY
Flip-flops - Chiang Mai sunday walking street market
Bag - thrifted
Sunglasses - Karen Walker Number One (in tortoise)

IMG_5578 (563x422)
The canteen
IMG_5579 (563x422)

IMG_5583 (563x422)
The bookstore
IMG_5584 (563x422)

IMG_5591 (563x750)
Isaac Marion 'Warm Bodies' in Thai - I was reading it at the time)
IMG_5601 (563x750)

IMG_5603 (563x422)
The hall of famous graduates
IMG_5608 (563x422)
The beautiful ceiling

I'm planning a bit post on Chiang Mai temples next)

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