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What I Ate Thuesday

I haven't made these posts since Thailand, and decided to make one now. My current diet may seem weird for some people, but it works for me. I work from home and sometimes have late breakfasts or early dinners, so I just try and eat things that are good for me and that I like - seasonal veggies, rice, fruit.

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1. Breakfast - it was one of those late ones. I had rice with tomato sauce and baked pumpkin (I marinade it with rosemary, coarse salt and ghee butter, and then bake it in the oven for a few minutes. Yummy and also good for you). I also had a cup of coffee - I don't usually drink black, but I was out of milk.

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2. A small shack - a cup of green tea and a chocolate bar ( a gift from my aunt in Germany).

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3. Lunch - I miss Thai food so much I'm actually trying to cook some myself) These are egg noodles with shrimp and some rosemary (and lime juice). 

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4. Another snack - two delicious crunchy apples. I think I had them with a cup of coffee.

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5. In the evening I was going to see a movie with my friends, and we usually meet early for some drinks. I had a salmon burrito with tomatoes, parsley and pickled carrots. And a beer.

I also drink a lot of water and green tea during the day, and I'm really happy that I don't need to make myself drink it. I love water, and it's much harder for me not to drink it than drink 2 liters a day)
Well. that's it for now))

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